Translator Gateway Module – Making Foreign Data Buses Work Together

Back in 2016 I made a little piece of embedded code and some hacked together electronics that would take all of the messages on a Haltech Controller Area Network(CAN) bus and convert them to be transmitted out on the Jeep’s proprietary Chrysler Collision Detection(CCD) bus. It was a project that allowed me to keep the factory appearance of the instrument cluster without having to resort to expensive aftermarket gauges to display information from the Haltech engine controller.

The response to the project was many people telling me that I should create more of them, with more features, and get them into people’s hands. It has been four years since 2016, lots of personal issues got in the way, and there was also much that I needed to learn about electronics design. Now four years later I am ready to present a production prototype of TranslatorGM; the next generation of modern engine swaps. TranslatorGM allows the factory instrument cluster, engine and transmission controllers, and other otherwise incompatible computer controlled devices to communicate with each other.

Supported Physical Interfaces

  • 2x CAN with all supported speeds
  • Chrysler CCD
  • ISO9141 K and L, including LIN
  • 2x J1850 supporting both VPW and PWM
  • Single Wire CAN

Supported Communication Protocols

  • AEMnet (Universal)
  • Chrysler PCI (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM)
  • Chrysler CCD (Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM)
  • GMLAN (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Holden)
  • Haltech CAN (Universal)
  • …and many more to come! Future manufacturer support will be added as current protocols become feature complete.

Additional Features

  • 8x General Purpose Digital Logic Inputs
  • 2x Analog Outputs

TranslatorGM Epic will be available through Scarlet Performance late 2020.

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