Merging Different Manufacturer’s Engine Wiring Harnesses

The process of merging two different manufacturer’s wiring harnesses together is relatively simple if all of these resources are available:

  1. First manufacturer’s factory service manual wiring diagrams.
  2. Second manufacturer’s factory service manual wiring diagrams.
  3. Specialty tools for make the correct crimps for automotive connectors.
  4. Plenty of splices.
  5. Some knowledge of how electricity works.
  6. Plenty of patience.

Even when all of these resources are available it can still feel like the “How to Draw an Owl” meme. There is a large of learned knowledge for which manufacturers design certain styles of connectors, what type of wires to use(Hint: GXL/TXL), and the correct ways to protect wires from damage. One can easily spend several full work weeks on just one wiring harness getting it correct.

My recommendations to keep your sanity working on a massive wiring project:

  1. Documentation: Start a spreadsheet of all of the existing and new circuits. This will be a living document of all the modified connections and will be immensely useful in the future when needing to make repairs. Example from my LS V8 swap into my LJ.
  2. Organization: Keep all of the wires, heat shrink, tools, and wiring accessories separated to not have a giant disorganized pile of them on table.
  3. Pacing: Take mental and physical breaks every two hours. It is easy to get frustrated from jumbling too wires. As well, stripping and crimping wires works the hands which can lead to a repetitive stress injury.

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